Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I couldn't resist. Feel free to ignore this entry.


But, don't forget our two-for-one offer.

I've created a monster

   I posted an announcement about this journal in the forums of one of my favourite websites, and all hell broke loose. Suddenly, people are running amok through the entire forum posting the word Boobies! everywhere they can. It was funny for the first day, or so. After that, it just gets tedious plowing your way through pages of Boobies! posts looking for something of value to respond to. I hope this puts a stop to it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Federal Election Results

   I wrote somewhere that we would probably re-elect the Liberal party because we Canadians are masochihsts at heart, but I don't think I really believed myself. Watching the election results last night, I felt a growing sense of disbelief as the night wore on and the Liberal numbers mounted. For fifteen years, we've followed our Liberal government in the news as they flushed millions of dollars of our money down the drain, embarrassed us on the international political stage, raped our healthcare and education systems by reducing provincial transfer payments, all while blaming others, and laughing and thumbing their nose at us, saying, "thhppptt. There's nothing you can do about it." Apparently, they were right.

   They campaigned on the platform they were going to fix problems that they, themselves were responsible for, and we fell for it. That's like a bank robber telling the cops, "just let me off on the corner here, and I'll go get the cash I stole, and I'll be right back."

   Sure you will. 

Monday, June 28, 2004

Two-for-one offer

Welcome to Aurora Walking Vacation. Starting today, and for a limited time only, take advantage of our special two for the price of one offer.

In order to take advantage of our special two-for-one offer, follow these instructions:

1) Read this journal.

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