Sunday, December 23, 2007

A morning recipe

   One of my favourite morning treats to make for my wife is the onion, bacon, beemster and lime omelette:

Start with some shallots (any kind of onion will do, but I like shallots). Slice them finely, and saute them lightly until they become soft and translucent. Put them aside for later.

Cook several strips of bacon over low-medium heat until crisp. Break into bits. Put aside until later.

Grate some beemster cheese (any firm, sharp cheese will do, but I like beemster).

Zest one small lime.

Cook the omelette using the onion, bacon (bits), beemster and lime (zest) as filling.

Serve with cinnamon and nutmeg spiced coffee for breakfast Christmas morning.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

I can't think of a title for this one. A little help?

   Here is my little addition to the obscure Venn Diagram internet culture:


Yellow = Christians
Orange = Fundamentalist Christians
Blue = Raving Lunatics
Purple = Kent Hovinid, Ken Hamm, and Mike Huckabee

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Worse than Detroit

   I have several new blog posts in my test journal that are just not quite ready for publication. Instead I'll offer you this quick little anecdote about daily life at Casa Little.

   The other day I returned from walking Shadow and he was still pretty rambunctious, so I went into the back yard with him to play a little. We started with him racing around the yard at top speed while I stood there doing nothing but saying, "boo!" whenver he came near, which would send him off on another mad dash around the dog house, through the garden, and back to me. Eventually, he got tired of my minimal participation. He rooted around in the snow until he found one of his favourite toys, and brought it over for a session of tug of war.
   At one point, he dropped the object of his devotion, and looked at me expectantly. Thinking he wanted me to throw it, I bent down to pick it up. Turns out he was only taunting me. As soon as I moved, he scooped it up, and swung it up into the air, striking me in the face with it.
   Yes, my dog busted me full in the mouth with the hammer-like, knotted end of an old, frozen sweat sock.

Two last things:

1) A semi-private message from my wife to Smarty. "Mmmm, mose are mery mood!"

2) Thirty-seven and a half bonus points to anyone who can tell me in what way the title of this entry is in any way related to the content.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A new angel


We put up the Christmas tree today. As the wife was trimming it, she mentioned that we needed to get a new angel to put on top. As I recall, the conversation went something like this...

Paul: Can we get one that shoots lasers out of her eyes?

Paul's wife: Lasers? That wouldn't be very angelic.

Paul: Can we get one riding a shark?

Paul's wife: Get serious!

Paul: I am serious. I think an angel riding a shark with lasers shooting out of her eyes would be all kinds of awesome.