Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is not Dawn's book meme

   I'm sorry, Dawn, I really am. I've got your book meme in my test journal. I've even answered several of the questions. My problem right now is one of time (or lack thereof). Between work, landscaping the back yard, and being kept up all night by a sick dog, by the time I sit down at the computer, I just want to read some blog entries, look at some webcomics, and vegetate. Answering question that actually require thought - introspective thought at that - is just a bit out of reach for me most days. I'll keep plugging away at it, I promise.

   In the mean time, here is John Scalzi's
Monday Photo Shoot:
Get a picture of a crowd or crowded event. Conventions, weddings, parties in cramped spaces -- you know, anywhere there's lots of folks doing something.

   See, this is an easy one. I've already taken this picture. In fact, I've already used it on AWV. All I have to do is link to it. No thought - introspective or otherwise - required. Heck, I don't even have to describe it. All I have to do is quote some of the text I wrote for that entry as a preamble, like this:
   Despairing of ever finding Trevi fountain, we decided to stop for gelato. If you have never tried authentic Italian ice cream before, put "eat gelato in Rome" on your list of seven things to do before you die. Bump the Eiffel Tower for it. It is that good. So it was with lemon, and creme caramel, and tiramisu flavoured gelato dripping down over fingers wrapped around cones thin like upside down church spires that we turned another corner, and there it was: the most crowded place in all of Rome.

Shoulder to shoulder at Trevi Fountain. Rome, Italy.


tenyearnap said...

Hey, sorry to hear that dog is sick again. What's up with the pup? --Cin

princesssaurora said...

Paul... What is up with Shadow???  You will get to the book meme... sorry I kept teasing you... I just love hearing about your book faves.  Please... let me know about Shadow... sending positive energy your way...

be well,

simianfarmer said...

So what's so special about this fountain that there's all this crowding about it during the day?  Water, gravity, bam... I get it.  Fountain.


p.s. -- I too am sorry to hear about Shadow.  I don't want to seem heartless.