Wednesday, October 10, 2007

100 movies: part the third

   Here you will find ten more from the list of one hundred movies I really like. This brings the total so far to thirty, with previous installments here, and here. Remember that these are listed in entirely random order, and are not ranked in any way.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Kind of a hokey premise, and I found the ending to be somewhat confusing, and lacking catharsis, but a very well made film. Richard Dreyfus was brilliantly cast as a man just trying to figure out what the hell is going on in his life.

Soylent Green - "Soylent Green is people!" This film enjoys an odd position in my movie liking mindset. I was going to say unique until I realized that it shares its place with another film. Both this movie, and the Clint Eastwood film, High Plains Drifter, are examples of films that I have seen multiple times - at least four or five times each - and really enjoyed, and yet to which I have never seen the ending. Sure, I quoted the climax of Soylent Green above, but I have never actually heard Charleton Heston utter the line. And I have never seen the town of Lago painted red. Something always comes up to pull me away from the TV before the close of each of these movies. Creepy, huh?

Little Miss Sunshine - I think we saw this because the movie we went to the theater to see was sold out. Way better than whatever the hell it was we missed. I laughed harder at this movie than at any other I can remember.

Highlander - "There can be only one!" Yeah, if only that had been true. You know how some sequels are better than their progenitors? Not in this case. And it's not like the bar had been set all that high. Highlander is one of those movies on this list I must refer to as a "guilty pleasure." Poorly conceived and executed at almost every level, it still managed to draw enough of a cult following to spawn three sequels (and, I understand, a fourth currently in production), two live action, and an animated TV series. And the only commentary I can make on that is, "why?" Still, despite it's hokey premise, silly acting, and piss poor production values, the Highlander DVD gets as much play as just about any other on my shelf.

Toy Story - Disney and Pixar hit a home run with this, the first of a series of animated films that have together grossed over four billion dollars at the box office. Yes, I know. I am a sad, strange, little man.

The Lion King - Classic Disney formula here. Young animal must come of age after the death of his or her parent. Always wins, always will.

Mrs. Doubtfire - I originally had Tootsie on this list, but removed it in favour of Mrs. Doubtfire. Tootsie was undoubtably the better film, but Mrs. Doubtfire was funnier. Robin Williams beats Dustin Hoffman in drag any day of the week. I bet you didn't think you'd ever read that sentence.

Gladiator - Ridley Scott will appear on this list several times. Russell Crowe? Not so much. This is a great movie that I haven't watched in far too long. Must get the DVD out again soon.

Blade Runner - See? Ridley Scott again. This film was widely panned when it came out, and did very poorly at the box office. Somewhere, it developed a bit of a cult status, and has now been rereleased to theaters a couple of times, and had the "Director's Cut" treatment DVD release. And now we hear that Scott has done a "Final Cut" of the film that will be released this year in celebration of the movie's 25th anniversary.
   And I still can't get that stupid Sam Spade narration out of my head when I watch the thing.

School of Rock - Total rocking fun. 'Nuff said.

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dpoem said...

Okay, I'll forgive the Mrs. Doubtfire since you put Blade Runner up there.  


princesssaurora said...

Wow... another Highlander fan... who knew?  I love that movie... the series... I am sucker for it.  LOL  The original Christopher Lambert is the BEST!  Love Gladiator... love it!  Love Blade Runner.  

be well,

bpslider45 said...

"Robin Williams beats Dustin Hoffman in drag any day of the week. I bet you didn't think you'd ever read that sentence."

You're kidding right!?!

On this blog that's just your basic Sunday afternoon conversation.
You'll have to go a lot further than that to shock or surprise me here!

And NO... that is not an invitation to try!


aleclynch said...

The Highlander!  Nice call and agree on all points. Actually, I quite liked the t.v. series, but as far as sequels go, I've never seen movies that so totally ignore or change the story established by it's predecessors. But hey, it makes for a great time making fun of them even as you're enjoying them on some crazy level.

"I'm Alec MacLynch of the clan MacLynch!"

mavarin said...

I prefer Tootsie myself.

simianfarmer said...

Good list continuation.  Your line on Toy Story was appropriate on several levels.


hewasolddog299 said...

Too strange ... the first two VHS tapes I ever bought were Soylent Green (on my father's recommendation) and High Plains Drifter (I saw it in California as a first run movie in a double-header with "Play Misty For Me").

Paul, the similarity in our tastes is remarkable; the divergence disturbing.


luvrte66 said...

I'm enjoying your list, Paul, probably because you list so many that I love, too! I also enjoyed "Little Miss Sunshine," but I love just about any movie that has Alan Arkin in it. Please tell me the original "The In-Laws" will be on your list!

"Serpentine, Sheldon, serpentine!"