Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You lose

    Grrr! I was writing a post about a delicious dish I created for dinner tonight, and, through an inadvertant mouse click, I navigated away from my edit entry page. When I clicked 'back' I returned to an empty text box, and no amount of cajoling (read swearing) would bring my words back. Now I'm just too damn mad to rewrite what I had, so you all miss out on my yummy stir fried zucchini recipe. Unless I cool down enough, and the muse retakes my soul (gak).



simianfarmer said...

If it's any consolation, when I read the title I read it in the Mortal Kombat video game voice.  So, from that perspective, it's still sort of a cool post.


dan@thedistractedmind.com said...

Autosave is nice.  I wish AOL would get it.  It's saved my biscuits on Blogger more than once.  

I suppose one thing you could do is write the entry in WordPad and cut and paste if you plan on this sort of self-destruction in the future.  

By the way, that's happened to me more than once where my mind just shuts down and I watch the little pointer heading toward clicking on something, and even though my mind is screaming at me to stop, it inevitably ends in a frustrating "click."  

It's like riding a bike on the side of the road where you wind up with that weird sort of road-side paralysis as you watch your wheel slowly drift toward the gravel shoulder, and all you can do is lean uselessly rather than just turn the handlebars a couple of degrees (or am I the only one that happens to?)


justaname4me2 said...

Kiss the twinkle toes of your personal leanan sidhe, or maybe even a blood sacrifice....then try again.

It couldn't hurt (gak)


bhbner2him said...

With me on a stupid dial-up connection and AOL like it is, I almost always write in an email and then paste into my journal.  Saves lots of tears and helps me not to swear! I do hope you'll get up the courage to share that recipe.  -  Barbara

jennyp51 said...

Or we may have been saved from a culnary horror.  A stir fry mess never been seen before or will again.  An assualt on our taste buds that has no equal.  A green glutinous blob that would send us running to the ends of the earth to save us from the great 'through-up'...
Jenny <><

plittle said...

I had to google 'leanan sidhe.' I want one!

also: 'through-up?'

jennyp51 said...

I plead tirdness.  Throw-up.
Jenny <><

plittle said...


flippybombippy said...


The first time that happened to me I was writing an essay the night before it was due (grade 10). There was a thunderstorm outside and I didn't bother to save my essay in the span of a couple hours. I was writing the conclusion when the screen on my Apple //c and everything went dark. Duoh!

Since then this has only happen about 126 times. Auto-save (when it is available) can be your best friend.

princesssaurora said...

LOL.... dang I hate when that happens... looks like you did try again though!

be well,