Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And then there was one...

   Thank you everyone for your comments and well wishes. Here is the e-mail I sent out to Pat's contact list this evening:

   Pat has asked that I communicate to you that she is fine, and resting comforta-, well, maybe not comfortably yet, but she is resting. The surgery went well. Both surgeries went well. There were no complications or unexpected surprises. Pat's kidney was described by the surgical team as a "good" kidney. Based upon their tone and demeanour, I took this to be high praise. It was apparently hale and hearty, and started working almost immediately upon being implanted in her brother.
   While the long road still stretches before Frank, Pat's part of the journey has reached a rest stop. She will be home by the weekend, and you will no doubt be hearing from her personally very shortly afterwards. Thank you all very much for your concern and well wishes over the past several weeks.

   An excellent ending to a long and nerve-wracking day, I must say. I was delighted to come home tonight and see so many comments offering positive thoughts in response to my last entry. And while I do not subscribe to the efficacy of prayers, I do appreciate those that were extended to us. If they mean something to you, then it means something to me that you offered them.

   Oh, and I found my bucket.



princesssaurora said...

Oh I am so relieved!!!  I can go to bed now... I was hoping... yes, even praying that you would update!!!  Please, let Pat know, she and Frank will continue to receive my thoughts and prayers.  

I am sending you my best wishes as well, I am sure you are relieved that all is well.  And, bucket found.  {{{ hugs }}}

be well,

astoriasand said...

Thats brilliant early morning news to wake up to over the pond here in England.I am so happy everything has gone well.Prayers continueing for there speedy recovery and WOW you found your bucket Great stuff .Now place it somewhere handy, where you can find it next time LOL!!. Take Care God Bless Kath

pharmolo said...

Very pleased that things have gone well, Paul. Best wishes to both Pat and Frank on their recovery.


bhbner2him said...

I'm glad all went well and seems right in your world today!!!  May they both heal and recover well with no complications.  -  Barbara

simianfarmer said...

Yay the bucket!!


smartiebelle said...

Sheesh, you don't check a guy's blog for a few weeks and he goes and loses his bucket....

Greatly relieved to hear everything went well (and honestly, I'm glad I didn't read the bucket post until this one was also up!)  Send my well wishes to Pat.  Glad you're okay, too, hon.

What a brave, loving thing to do.  Wish I could drop by with some of Mike's killer bolognese sauce for y'all.

sdoscher458 said...

Glad to hear that they came through okay. Sometimes it's harder for those of us who have to stand by and just wait...she did a wonderful thing.  take care...Sandi

justaname4me2 said...

Wonderful! I'm very relieved the surgery went well and both patients are doing good. I'm sure Pat's kidney was top notch and I will continue wishing and hoping that Franks body accepts it forever and forever.....

Now, are you ready? Supplies and mind set up to par?
It's time to spoil Pat like rotten when she gets home. I suggest buying her a bell to which you will appear instantly at her beck and call.

She deserves nothing less :o)
Rebecca Anne

luvrte66 said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all involved. Sitting there while a loved one is in surgery is nerve-wracking, isn't it? When my dad had surgery a few years ago, I felt like I just wanted to...explode. I'm glad everything went well.

All my best,

dawnallynnnm said...

I am glad to hear Pat is doing well, and also glad you found your bucket.  :)  I had surgery in October, and I thought it would be easier than it was.  Having never had surgery before I was unprepared for the long recovery process.  I am older than I think, I guess.  :)

You sound like the perfect hubby, and both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.  :)


mavarin said...

Good news all around!  I'm very glad.


glopsey said...

You're wife is so great to do this for her brother! Hope she gets well soon, and let her milk it a little. She did just give her brother a kidney!