Tuesday, January 15, 2008

...where's the confounded [bucket]?

   I can't find my bucket, and I'm frustrated. OK, truth be told, I'm mostly frustrated by the helplessness I feel as my wife lays on the operating table, and I sit here at home waiting.

   Yeah, I kind sprang that on you of a sudden, didn't I? I first alluded to it
way back here, but haven't really talked about it at all since. See, my wife is donating a kidney to her brother. You know, because his don't work anymore. And today's the day. And she left the house at five o'clock this morning, and I stayed home to get Matthew off to school, and take care of other mundane tasks while she lies under the knife for almost five hours. And I'm trying to keep myself busy, and I can't find my freaking bucket.

   Also, I have a picture to attach to this entry, and I can't upload it to my ftp space. It's one of those oh-so-cute LOLcat things, except this one has a walrus. But you'll just have to imagine it, because my 30 day free trial of WS_ftp has expired, and I uninstalled SmartFTP, and AOL's web based file manager doesn't work any more. Yeah, extra frustration I don't need, OK?
   Oh, yeah...and I never did anything about moving to an alternate image hosting service, did I? So it's mostly my fault.


(edited 2/18/08: Luk, I uploaded a pikcher)

Really, it'd all be much better if I could just find my bucket.

   I have this water softener. It's really old. I got it second hand, for free, so it doesn't owe me anything. I just can't afford to replace it right now. It works fine except for one thing. It refuses to backfill the salt resevoir. I've taken the head in to be serviced several times, and they keep telling me there's nothing wrong with it. And yet...it refuses to backfill the salt resevoir. It softens the water quite effectively as long as I remember to dump a bucket of water into it once a day.

You see my problem.

   It was there yesterday. I used it yesterday. And the day before. Today I can't findit. It's probably right there, under my nose, but I just can't see it due to my...uh...distracted state. I'll probably trip over it tomorrow.

   As you can surmise, it has been rather hectic around here lately, what with Christmas, and lots of working, and a sudden, dangerous decline in kidney function. They called us just before Christmas and said, "January third is the date of the surgery." Then they proceeded to send the wife in for all sorts of new tests, many of which they were completely unable to get results for in the time available. So it was postponed until today.
   I'm going to head down to the hospital later today, after the surgery is done, and she's in recovery. I'd ask you to keep your fingers crossed for Pat and her brother, but that would every bit as superstitious as praying, so don't worry about it. I'll let you know how things turn out.

Stupid bucket!



aleclynch said...

Fingers uncrossed as requested, but still hoping things all go well for you and your wife.

Take care,

dan@thedistractedmind.com said...

Your wife just moved up to the top of my Coolest People list.  I hope everything goes well and wonderful and she's back home before too long because, it's clear, you are freakin' useless without her around.  I mean, for all we know, you're probably drinking Windex and putting paper clips into the electrical outlets.  

As for the bucket, my guess is that it's somewhere around the washer or dryer.  

Anyway, tell your wife and her brother to get well soon.  


justaname4me2 said...

Your bucket is simply trying to give you something to occupy your time and mind.

Sending my very best wishes for Pat and her brother. I think it's beautiful what she is doing for another person.....and courageous!!!! Please keep us posted and take care yourself as well.


bhbner2him said...

(((Paul))) Well, my thoughts are with you both and the brother-in-law.  May it all turn out well for everyone! - BArbara

P.S. -  Look up Hank Williams, Sr. "My Bucket's Got a Hole In It"

simianfarmer said...

What if I think happy thoughts?  Can I do that still?  Please?

Hugs and kisses to you and Pat and Matt.  Maybe Shadow took your bucket.  Silly dogs.


princesssaurora said...

Whether you believe in them or not, I am sending prayers, I know Pat would want them.  Please... let us know how it all works out.  For both of them... I am also hoping you find your bucket.

be well,

astaryth said...

I've read that positive thoughts do seem to have an effect on events, for whatever reason.... So... I'm not crossing my fingers, I'm not praying, but I -am- keeping both your wife and her brother in my thoughts with positive thoughts of everything coming out wonderfully. Will it help? Maybe yes, maybe no. Still, just in case.......

Oh, and just so you know... Your wife is a hero in my eyes. I hope she is home soon to help you find your bucket and all of the other hand holding things you need ;p

libragem007 said...

Hi Paul,
heard about your wife through Dawn who sent you the bucket (already) :-)
Stopping by here to send good wishes that everything goes well with your wife and her brother. That is one of the most priceless gift anyone can give.

Sending hugs and warm wishes,
Gem :-)

astoriasand said...

Hi Paul came over from Dawn,what a laugh I got I carn't find my bucket LOL!! What ya like you men when ya women are missing LOL! Well wishes going out to both your dear wife and brother I hope and like Dawn pray everything goes well.Now for goodness sake get that bucket found.Pat needs to know you can do anything when she isn't there Haaaaa.Talking about buckets have you tried uploading your pictures to photobucket it's much easier than others.Did you here that BUCKET PHOTO haaaaa.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

dpoem said...

Here's a bucket brigade to help you out.




mleighin21st said...

How about a big dose of positive thoughts for Pat's health.  Hope everything goes well.  With you, too.   I'm here thanks to  Dawn, ain't she a sweetie?
                                    Smiles,   Leigh


sunnyside46 said...

Is hopng okay?
I hope everyone is fine. What a loving sister she is.

pharmolo said...

Was told about your wife donating a kidney to her brother. Hope she comes through it alright, well done to her.


martygord said...

Hi Paul --
Dawn sent me.  I'm sending good vibes to you and your family!  I also hope you find the bucket!

nightmaremom said...

Paul... sending good thoughts, prayers, and strength your way.  What a precious thing to do.


wwfbison said...

I was informed by Guido your wife is donating her kidney to her brother, wishing them both well and a good recovery.

tampa0503 said...

I hope your wife and BIL feel better real soon.  Being a dialysis nurse, so I know he diffficul road ahead.  Sure do hope he kidney kicks in for BIL.


kirkbyj05 said...

Dear Paul,
I came by way of Guido's journal...

I hope each day that dawns your wife and her brother recover more quickly from their operations.
What a brave lady. You are so brave too for not putting obstacles in her way so that she can do this for him.
What love there is between you all.  That will carry you through this worrying time.