Thursday, February 7, 2008

100 movies - part six

   If you are only just joining us, I have been following Jaquandor's lead by posting a list of 100 movies I really like, ten movies at a time. To bring you up to speed, these are not necessarily what I consider to be the best 100 movies ever, or anything like that. They're just films I like, for one reason or another. Also, I am not presenting them in any kind of order. In fact, I have taken pains to randomise the order in which they appear. I have no idea why. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
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   Here follows the sixth installment of the AWV list of 100 movies I really, really like. If I understand this fandangled new math, that leaves 40 movies to come, in four installments. Think I can get to them all before the end of this year?

Twelve Monkeys - As bizzare a movie as you are like to ever see. I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. A real departure for Bruce Willis, but Brad Pitt just seems so natural as a psychopath. This will leave you wondering what was real, and what was delusion, and just whose delusion was it, anyway?

The Green Mile - Here's one of those movies (or books) that Rebecca would have questioned me about. The subject matter is fantastic, but the story is excellent, and Tom Hanks sold me the whole thing with his performance. Remember willing suspension of disbelief?

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Spielberg shows Lucas how it should be done. Why, oh why could Spielberg not have directed the Star Wars prequel trilogy? It would have been soooo shiny. Oops, sorry, I'm mixing SciFi metaphors again. Harrison Ford attempts to portray the quintessential golden-age-of-cinema action hero, and in the process redefines the cliche.

Stripes - Yeah, Bill Murray. We've seen his name on this list already, haven't we? Will we again? I wouldn't bet against it.

Jurassic Park - Another subwoofer workout, and a way cool movie. Also, Sam Neill rocks.

High Plains Drifter - See how bad my memory is. I thought I needed to squeeze this one in by cheating, back when I mentioned Soylent Green, but here it is with a spot all it's own. One day I will see the ending. This I swear.

Men In Black - "I'm going for my gun." Classic. This is one of those movies I can watch over and over again. Well, not until I replace my VHS tape with a DVD, I guess.

The African Queen - OK, really this is more the classic, isn't it? An example of truly great film making. Two great bombasts go head to head, and the winner is the film fan.

The Wizard of Oz - I own this movie on video. On VHS - that's how long I've had it. I haven't watched it. Never miss it when it comes on TV, though. This is just a TV type of movie, kinda like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. See, I've done it again.

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial - I think I have mentioned before that I cannot watch this movie without crying. And I've seen it multiple dozens of times. Stupid movie.

   And that's ten! Stay tuned for ten more coming soon (employing a rather liberal definition of the word 'soon').

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sdoscher458 said...

Wow, I went through your lists and I must be a movie junkie I have seen or own almost every single one of have great taste! Lol. I have to go through my tapes and sort them out, quite a job...take care, be well., Sandi

princesssaurora said...

OMG... this is so funny... it's like we are related or something!  LOL

I actually avoid ET due to the headache I get after the crying.  Stripes!  OMG.. LOVE that movie... Remember the spatula scene?  lol  

Raiders?  So awesome... it is Ford doing Bogey with more sexy if you ask me.  Yum.  

I LOVE Bogey and all movies Bogey and therefore African Queen is in my top picks too!

Jurassic Park?  I have the box set and the dang kids are sick of it and while Fuzzy was home sick this week no one would watch it with me.  Dammit.

Wow... can't wait for the next picks... hopefully like before the thaw...

be well,

justaname4me2 said...

I watched The Green Mile last night trying to cure my insomnia, I think it's on loop with Showtime. It's actually one I really enjoy as well. I didn't even have to look at the link, I remember <grin> I have never seen The African Queen, nor High Plains Drifter, old moldies?
Carry On,

aleclynch said...

"It would have been soooo shiny. Oops, sorry, I'm mixing SciFi metaphors again."

If you've been feeling guilty about not posting as often, don't. You just made up for a month's worth with that line.

Wanted to say, nice idea splitting the list up into ten parts. And not just so you can milk ten entries out of it, but because I find I'm actually reading what you have to say about each movie and thinking about each film, whereas I'm sure I would have just skimmed through a big list of a hundred without giving it any thought.


promiseluv372 said...

Well I have some catching up to do.
Heck I don't think I could think of 100 movies.. let alone 100 I liked.  Well maybe doing it ten at a time might not be AS hard. :)

I love Green Mile.  Just saw it the other night.. finally the whole thing!

Have a great day


astaryth said...

Our taste in movies (using the prior lists and this one) seems to be fairly similar. I totally love Twelve Monkeys. Both own it on DVD AND can't pass by it if it is on TV anywhere without stopping to watch. Much the same way that The Fifth Element always draws me in.

simianfarmer said...

Bill Murray's parade ground march in Stripes is one of my favourite scenes in movie history.  Boom shaka laka laka, boom shaka laka laka, boom shaka laka laka, BOOM!

That's the fac', Jack!

High Plains Drifter is the only one I haven't seen, so we seem to be on par (still) for taste in movies.  Ditto on the Spielberg prequel thing.  Oh... to dream!

Shiny list, Paul.


buckoclown said...

Quite an eclectic list of movies.  I cannot help notice your lack of horror movies.  We watch a variety of movies as well, but are definitely drawn toward horror, action, and Sci-Fi.  Have seen a lot of the Pixar and Disney movies, due to the children, but do not often re-watch them. :o)

fdtate714 said...

You've never seen the end of High Plains Drifter?  You don't know who the drifter is?  Tsk tsk!

A good list you've got going on here.  Some of my favorites are representing.

Stripes is the funniest of the "Hey. let's enlist" movies, but contains a shocking, very noticeable film goof.  During the scene where Bill Murray's character is going AWOL and Harold Ramis is fighting with him and the female MP's drive up, they cut back and forth between camera angles.  They're wrestling on a duffel bag, then the bag is beside them, then they're back on the bag again.

The Green Mile is my favorite movie based on a Stephen King book...or maybe it's the Shawshank Redemption...or The Mist...or...

arkmawsew said...

I've seen all these, and can understand why you included them in your 100 movies.  Good stuff.