Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Without Annette

   I totally ripped off that title. Check out this web page for more details. The reference is to the fact that I am winging it tonight. No test journal entry to use for editing and spell-checking. This is me, live, without a net.

  In fact, why don't I just do that - go live. I'll be adding to this entry over the course of the evening, as the muse strikes me, live and uncensored. Check back often for the latest incoherent rantings from my fevered imagination.


   I haven't been here much, lately. I mean, I've been here, you know, I just haven't been here. What I mean to say is, I've been here on these Intartube thingies. I just haven't been here on my blog. By the time I've caught up on email, read a couple dozen blogs entries, commented here and there, and checked in at a couple of message boards I keep my toe dipped into, I just seem to be out of steam, you know.
   I've got six or eight entries under construction in my test journal. There's a new group of ten of the one hundred movies I really like. I'm way behind on that. There's a new skeptical post about snow tires that I'm halfway finished. I've only got two or three more weeks before that one stops being topical. There's the album cover meme, and a post about favourite song lyrics. There's even an idea for a regular series of posts on skeptical topics that I'd like to develop. But I open the page, stare at it for a few minutes, and close it again. I can't be bothered to rouse myself enough to actually think about any of them.
   Renewed resolve to post here, where are you?

Stay tuned, I'll be back...


   Oh yeah. I also have an email saved in my inbox from several weeks ago I wanted to talk about. It's from some Christian who dropped by and made a comment on one of my entries, thinking he could show me the error of my ways... Heh.

   I know many of you are hungry for news of my wife, post surgery. To those of you who have emailed privately asking after her, and her brother, my most sincere thanks for your care and consideration. There's really not much to tell, They are both doing quite well. Frank's recovery has been remarkable. One of the ironic things (and we were warned about this in advance) is that Frank feels better than Pat does. At least, he thinks he does.
   See, he went into the surgery following months of feeling like absolute crap. He was weak and fatigued - sleeping as much as twelve to fourteen hours a day - anemic and gout ridden. Luckily the vomiting had not yet started for him, but he could not have been far off. In contrast, Pat was in excellent health. The truth of the matter is, they are probably in fairly similar condition, but Pat feels much worse than she did, and Frank feels much better. Everything is relative.

   I've got laundry to fold. Check in later for more amusing musings...or dreck, I can't tell.


   It's snowing like all get out here. ("All get out." What does that mean, anyway?) I took a picture, but in order to show it to you, I'd have to upload it to somewhere, and I'm not quite ready to fight that battle yet. This winter has been one of the most interesting ones on record, I'd have to say. We seem to go from above freezing temps, with rain and melting snow, to blizzard conditions, and back to thaw again all in one week. And then start the cycle all over again the next. If all the snow that has fallen here since November was still on the ground, it would easily be eight feet deep.

   I love those kinds of hyperbolic statements, because really, how are you gonna check? 

   This whole 'without a net' thing was a lot less tiresome before I had a glass of scotch. It seems to take forever to catch all the typos now. Oh, well, it was good scotch.

   Somehow I envisioned more parts to this post tonight. But they seem to take an awful long time to write considering the heaping helping of nothing they are saying.

   Clearly, that one scotch has affected me, if the rather scatterbrained condition of this portion of tonight's entry is any indication. It was about 112 proof, after all. Anyway - I hate people who say things like, "anyway," in their blogs, don't you? These things really shouldn't be too conversational, know what I mean? Anyway, it's getting rather late, and the longer I stay up, the more things I remember to add to my 'to-do' list for tomorrow, so I'm gonna hit the sack. Y'all have a good night, now, hear?


   Oh, yeah. Happy Birthday to me! Good night.


princesssaurora said...

Well I like your musings or dreck!  LOL  It isn't surprising about the Frank vs Pat thing... {{{ Pat }}}  It was certainly a major surgery to have to be bouncing back from and with a son, hubby and a job looming... I am sure it must be hard.  Pat will get to 100% eventually... I know it!  Prayers coming for her... good wishes to you... It must have been tough on you for the last few weeks too!

Wow!  Look at you without a net! I do hope you post more... looking forward to your next 10!

be well,

sdoscher458 said...

Glad to hear that your wife is coming along, although recovery is painful...she still is a hero to do what she did for her means everything. You do alright even with your rambling...have you been doing any poetry? be well, Sandi

dpoem said...

Happy Birthday, Paul!  Glad you enjoyed the scotch, and sorry to hear you're getting the snow that dumped on us earlier.  


simianfarmer said...

I know the feeling of wandering around the intratubes, trolling about the usual haunts, getting back to home base, and feeling no sense of obligation or drive to write ANYTHING.  Dude.

Nice to hear that Pat and Bro are on the up and up.  ("Up and up" makes a little more sense that "all get out", but not much.)

Hooray for netless rantings!


easuess said...

That Birthday thing has been going around. Hope it was a great one.

luvrte66 said...

Hey! Happy birthday!


frankandmary said...

The donating person has such a range of emotions to go thru after the donation takes place, such an adjustment process.  Even though they advise & educate before a donation, I don't think you can in any way adequately convey all the person will experience.  I hope this goes as well as it can for both. ~Mary

princesssaurora said...

SHIT!  Happy Belated Birthday!!! Dammit... Dan - you are supposed to email me to remind me!  LOL

May you have a fabulous year of health, wealth and happiness for yourself and all in your circle!

be well,

justaname4me2 said...

Well that was an interesting journey through your evening. I have never done the whole "entry in process idea" For me, it's write it now, this instant, and post before I change my mind (which happens a lot)
I'm glad the two of them are doing well. I hope Pat feels better soon, back to her old self that is...minus the kidney~~ Thank you for the update.
And lastly,.....Happy Birthday to You (repeat several times)
You should be random more often. So is the email a tease, or one of your test journal in progress entries?

promiseluv372 said...

Not going to comment on everything or it will be as long as your entry ;)
Glad your wife is recovering.. it takes time!  And her brother too!

Someone trying to show you the eror of your ways LMAO! Don't you love that. And IS that possible.. those know it alls! dang lol.  I'm sure you set him straight and showed him the errors of HIS ways ;)

Happy (late) birthday!! I forgot it was a day before mine!  Hope it was a good one ;)

Hmm I wink at you a lot what do you suppose that means HAHA


bhbner2him said...

Thrilled to know that both wife and brother are doing well.  Hope she's not far from feeling good and being her old self.  -  Barbara

princesssaurora said...

I am such a doofus... I didn't see you added to this... until tonight.  You'd think I had been drinking the scotch.  Dammit.  None in the house....

be well,