Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday random thirty...'n' stuff

MattPose   Here's Matt looking decidedly dapper at his Grade 8 graduation Wednesday night. That's right, next September he'll be in High School. It is to shudder.
   Although I outwardly scoff at sentimentality, I have to admit there were times during the evening when I had to blink a bit, because I had "something in my eye." This group of kids impresses the hell out of me. During the graduation ceremony every single award winner was heartily cheered by the entire group. In fact, during the closing presentation, a slide show of student photographs past and present, every single student's picture was met with delighted squeals and cheers. Not one child could claim they were left out, held in less regard than any other. I predict great things for these students over the next four years, and beyond.
   For more pictures, visit my
Flickr photo set for the event.

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   Wish me a Happy Blogaversary. As of yesterday, AWV is four years old. It's still not too late to take advantage of our two-for-one offer.

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   Also, Happy Canada Day tomorrow. This July first, Canada will be one hundred and forty-one years old. Sure, that's nothing compared to y'all's two hundred and thirty-two years, but that just makes us younger and hipper.

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   Also, also, having been horribly remiss, here are three whole weeks worth of Friday random ten lists for your perusal. Have a great holiday, be it tomorrow, or Friday.

June 13th

1) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
2) I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John
3) Silent Warrior - Enigma
4) Now - Days Of The New
5) Just One Of  Those Things - Branford Marsalis
6) Eagle Will Rise Again - The Alan Parsons Project
7) Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
8) Children And All That Jazz - Joan Baez
9) A Million Vacations - Max Webster
10) Navy Bean - Tracy Bohnam

June 20th

1) Twelve-Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon) - The Mamas & The Papas
2) Spoon For A Knife - The Jive Kings
3) Thirty-Three - Smashing Pumpkins
4) Good Company - Queen
5) Wild World - Cat Stevens
6) Your Song - Elton John
7) Hello Goodbye - Live On Arrival
8) Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
9) A Million Vacations - Max Webster
10) Goodbye Cruel World - Pink Floyd

June 27th

1) Why'd You Lie - Colin James
2) Fight - The Tragically Hip
3) Lagavulin - Wide Mouth Mason
4) Lithium - Nirvana
5) Next Contestant - Nickelback
6) Dolly Dagger - Jimi Hendrix
7) Starseed - Our Lady Peace
8) Touch Me - Ian Thomas
9) Supernova - Mike Oldfield
10) Black Sabbath - Ozzy Osbourne


dpoem said...

Congrats again, Matt.  I have a feeling you'll be hearing that a lot in the coming years.  

Smart, talented, looks good in a suit?  

Yup.  He's going to pretty much own the world, isn't he?


bgilmore725 said...

Congratulations to your charming son, and to you, the proud dad. He does not appear camera shy, nor lacking in confidence! A chip off the old block, I'm sure. And congrats on the anniversary of your blog... I'm off to check your links. And in case I don't get back, Happy Canada Day!!! We love our Canadian neighbors! Bea

princesssaurora said...

WOW!   Matt does look great!!!  Fuzzy is just heading into 8th this fall.  sigh.  Happy Canada Day!  You are so young and spry... lol

be well,

rdautumnsage said...

Congratulations to Matt on his graduation! He definitely looks like he's ready to take the world by storm. Congrats to you too hon on 4 years of surviving AOL hell. That in itself is a true feat. (Hugs)Indigo

princesssaurora said...

By the way... is the lass in purple Matt's gf?

be well,

bpslider45 said...

Holy Crap!!

Put him in a suit and I hardly recognised him.

You can tell him I said "He looked good in a suit," unless of course you think he might take offence!?!

Is he now the tallest in the family?


lv2trnscrb said...

just popped over to say congrats for winning the Caption Game over on Magic Smoke; although your caption did not get my vote, 41% thought it was a clever one

good luck with your son starting high school next school year! always fun years


penlady708 said...

Hi Paul,

>Congrats on winning the Caption Contest, and also on your son's 8th Grade Graduation.
>Your "random 30s" look interesting, going to give them a listen, perhaps get into the Random Fridays too.
>(btw read your entry re:  Comments, excellent piece, couldn't agree with you more)

have a great week
be well,

garnett109 said...

Congrats on the caption win and big congrats on your sons 8th grade graduation!

pchilcoat1 said...

Congrats on your big win, plus your son's graduation, High school start making plans NOW. LOL

jimsulliv3 said...

Congratulations on winning the caption contest. When I saw your entry, I knew it should be the winner. But for some unknown reason, sometimes the good entries don't make the final four. Go figure.


flippybombippy said...

Boy, does Matt ever look like Paul Jr. Amazing.

lurkynat said...

Dear Paul Congratulations to you and Mr.s Little wiht Matt's graduation!
Wowie that's a huge milestone!:):)
and Big Happy Birthday to your blog Paul!

attitudeslc said...

I am not sharing your blog with my daughter! She will think your son is cute and look's a lot like one of the Jonas Brothers.  (I am certain that is a compliment in TEEN talk)

Ahh the joys of high school.  (I have 2 down and one to go)