Tuesday, July 29, 2008


   I'm forcing myself to write this. Every time I open my test journal these days, I close it again unedited. I just don't seem to have the desire, or will, to put my thoughts down here. Part of that, I'm sure, is the fact that I'm busy. The Kwik-E-Mart demands my time from early morning to early evening. Then I come home and make dinner. By the time we've cooked, eaten, cleaned up, and done any daily chores that need doing, I'm too tired to spare any intensity of thought or emotion for the blog.
   Add to that the time I am spending on curling club business (I'm on the board of directors), at the gym (my wife convinced me to join again), walking the dog (he won't walk himself - well, he will, but we want to make sure he comes home again), and doing other daily, mundane things, and I barely have enough energy just to read other people's blogs. Creating my own content seems beyond me right now.
   I have no plans to shut this blog down, but I expect postings to remain infrequent for the foreseeable future. I still have a bunch of stuff percolating in the test journal that I intend to finish. Realistically, though, I can't put a timetable on that. So, for those of you who do visit regularly, I'm sorry for being a boring blogger. If you're looking for something interesting (a little bit goofy, but interesting none-the-less) to read, try doing a search for "crackergate." Let me know what you think about what you find.

   Here are the last two friday random ten lists from my iPod updates.

July 25

1) Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life) - Sarah Brightman (with Jose Carreras)
2) It Would Be So Nice - Pink Floyd
3) Road Buddy - Dar Williams
4) A Saucerful Of Secrets - Pink Floyd
5) Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby - Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss & Gillian Welch
6) Into Everything - Moist
7) Bus Stop - The Hollies
8) Life Has Just Begun - Spirit
9) Mull Of Kintyre - Ashley MacIsaac
10) You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive

July 11

1) Pump Up The Volume (12" US Version) - Marrs
2) That's How... - D12
3) Who Wears These Shoes - Elton John
4) Nebakanezer - The Black Crowes
5) Dialing For Dharma - FM
6) Not Too Late - Norah Jones
7) Better Place To Be - Harry Chapin
8) Superman's Song - Crash Test Dummies
9) Any Way You Want It - Journey
10) Tell Me On A Sunday - Sarah Brightman

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dpoem said...

I actually found myself embroiled in the comical maelstrom of hypocrisy that was Crackergate.  During that whole episode, the hits to my blog went up around 500%.  


Utter madness...

Other than that, write what you want, when you can.  Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart would be nice, though.  For example, when was the last time a teenager came in to buy a box of condoms and a dozen eggs?  

That happens a lot here for some reason, and I have yet to understand why.  


frankandmary said...

Paul, I'm trying(have been for some time) to BELIEVE(no religious inference. wouldn't want to make you break out or anything) that you work at the Kwik-E-Mart, but it just isn't happening for me.
I voted for your caption instead of mine, isn't that worth an extra blog entry. Probably not.
I hope your wife & your bil are doing well.

princesssaurora said...

Pump up the Volume???  So you did hit the dance clubs in the 80's, huh!  LOL

It was nice to see you drop in.  I understand about the blog.  It must be hard now that  you are working so much!  I miss you though!  

be well,

lurkynat said...

Dear Paul,
your wit, your verve, your absolute guts are needed here :)!
Please continue and we will all die happy!

astaryth said...

I understand where you are coming from completely!! Still, I am glad you aren't closing down entirely.... at least we can still hope for the occasional visit!

bpslider45 said...


Just about had a heart attack when the page came up and Matt was not forefront.

Been following Crackergate for the last couple of weeks.
Can't say as it's a huge shock that you got involved Dan.
Yes it's stupid but I just couldn't develop enough concern to get involved.
After all... it's just a frackin' cracker! :-)

Hey Paul, send me your test stuff, I'll review, edit it just enough to screw it up, send it back. It will so infuriate you, that you will be inspired to write and have a month's worth of posts.
I'm sure I can do the job!

bgilmore725 said...

That's the same problem I have during the school year... just too tired at end of day to write an entry. So, take some time off... when the spirit moves you, you'll be back with much to write about. Be well. bea

bhbner2him said...

Oh, P I know exactly what you mean!  Seems I do one or two entries a month these days instead of one or two a week.  The important thing is that you are "living" and finding some time for those precious people in your life.  And please don't ever delete or close down.....Barbara

lurkynat said...

Dear Paul
would yu consider writing more about your curling club? I would love to know more about curling!