Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"A rose by any other name," and all that

   From Dawn, via Cin. The rules are, every answer must begin with the first letter of your name. Just so's you don't forget, we'll begin with...

Your Name: Paul

Famous Music artist/group: Pink Floyd - I mean, who else?

3 letter word: Pip. (When used once, refers to a member of an American musical group - "Oh, you were a Pip? What was Gladys like, anyway?" When used twice, is very British - "Pip, pip. Stiff upper lip, and all that."

Color: Puce - I didn't even know what puce looked like before. I had to go look it up. Puce is a colour generally considered to be dark rose to brownish purple.

Gift/present: Porsche - Only in my dreams. For Christmas, I got a new pocketbook. OK, I call it a wallet.

Vehicle: See above. Or, Prius - let's be ecologically responsible, shall we? Although, there is some debate over whether these hybrid vehicles are really as ecologically responsible as they sound.

TV Show: [The] Partridge Family - ah, fine memories of television of days gone by. Pinky and the Brain - "What are we going to do tonight, Brain?" "The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!" Police Woman - Does anyone remember Angie Dickinson? Hubba-hubba! Prisoners of Gravity - A cool show. Too bad it's not on anymore. Check it out.

Pridnestrovie – Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (also rendered as Transnistria)

Boy's Name: You mean a different one than my own? Peregrin.

Girl's Name: Picabo, or Prudence.

Alcoholic drink: Panty Dropper.

Occupation: Paleoseismologist. Nah, wouldn't want to be something I can't pronounce. How about Porn Actor. No, wait. Pirate. Arr!

Flower: Peach blossom.

Celebrity: Paul Lynde.

Food: Potato and Leek Soup.

Something found in a kitchen: Poultry scissors - I don't actually own a pair of those.

Reason for Being Late: Procrastination.

Something You Shout: Poopy Head!


iiimagicxx said...

Paul, you avoided responding to Occupation!

plittle said...

Not the way I read it.

iiimagicxx said...

well, you have "nah"... "no wait"  "arhhh"... you negated all your answers... therefore, there is no more response left to answer the question

plittle said...

  "Arrrrr!" is what a Pirate says. Don't believe me? http://startingoutsmall.blogspot.com/2007/03/rich-very-little-ii.html
That should leave little doubt.

princesssaurora said...

LOL... You make a good pirate Paul... My hubby's favorite pirate saying....

'Show me the booty, arrr'  LOL  Thanks for playing!

be well,

smartebelle said...

Peach Blossom....heh heh heh.  

Now if THAT were a drink, I think I'd pick that over Panty Dropper.  You know, if I were actually of the imbibing sort.  Best for us all that I'm not.... can you imagine?? *shudders*

plittle said...

  Me, too, Smarty. Tell you what. I'm going to find out if there is a drink called the Peach Blossom. And if there isn't, I'm going to invent one before the next Debcon.
(shudder indeed)

simianfarmer said...

I've been curious about puce ever since that scene in Pixar's Monsters Inc., but have been too lazy to look it up.  That answer of yours scratched an itch I forgot I had.

I too am shuddering at the prospect of Smarty with any sort of alcohol in her system.  If you can come up with a 'Peach Blossom' beverage, try to convince her it needs to be consumed via a Tim Tam Slam.  She'll be sure to try it then.


easuess said...

I knew poop--or a variation would have to show up in there somewhere...


tenyearnap said...

Whenever I see a Prius, my immediate word association is "Priapism." Both come in puce, I think.--Cin

toonguykc said...

I didn't click on 'Panty Dropper'.  I just couldn't.


artloner said...

I'm backscrolling, as I am sure you can see.

I can't believe you used the words: "Panty dropper" in your ....nevermind...I can't believe you used them.  Period.



mavarin said...

See, to me, a pip, aside from an obscure character in one of Rod Serling's shows, is any one of The Five Orange Pips.

I don't think I could get a full complement of K words for this.