Friday, March 30, 2007

An update on Shadow

   Well, there he is, out for a walk in the woods with owner-boy (me). Dawn's been bugging me for an update on Shadow's health situation since the last time I mentioned him.
   So, how's his health? Just fine, thank you very much. He has not had another seizure, and the vet could find no underlying reason for him to have had the first one.
As these things go, he might never have another one. Or, another one could be right around the corner. There's no way of knowing.
   Although there is medication available, they hesitate to use it unless the seizures are severe and frequent. For one thing, the medications are sedatives, so the dog becomes lethargic, dopey, and clumsy. For another, there are risks of long term liver and kidney damage, which could dramatically shorten the lifespan of an animal.
   At this point we are simply hoping it was an isolated incident, and never reccurs. I mean, what else can we do?


toonguykc said...

That looks like a good companion/fur kid.  I'm a very good judge of dog auras.


aleclynch said...

"the medications are sedatives, so the dog becomes lethargic, dopey, and clumsy."

Egads! You mean it turns them into a cat!

Truly, glad to hear that Shadow seems to be ok for the moment, and wil hope it stays that way.


princesssaurora said...

He looks great!!!  Beautiful doggy!!!  Thank you Paul!  Could it have been one of those tainted foods?

be well,

plittle said...

  No, Dawn. We never feed Shadow wet food, so the Menu Brands pet food recall did not affect us at all. It is possible he ate something toxic, but nothing appeared on the tox screen the vet did.

bpslider45 said...

Hey, he actually looks regal and refined in this picture.
From this, you'd never know he's closer to Dino from the Flintsones.
He has not yet knocked me on my back and stood on my chest, but I wouldn't want to bet against it!
Glad all is well with him.

tenyearnap said...

Awww, he looks so huggable and happy. I knew a dog who had only one seizure and never again. I knew another who was so sensitive to onions (some dogs are allergic) that he'd have seizures if he got int he garbage and ate leftovers. I hope Shadow's seizures are over. Pup looks just fine now.--Cin

artloner said...

Alert, Happy, Clean and Loved.  I think you've got it covered.  Oh, excuse me...I've gotta go drag MieMoe out from under the bird cage.  (They throw the yellow pellets out that they don't like, and she snags them up...tail at mach5.


mariebm56 said...

I thought I heard something yesterday about problems with dry dog food.  
Hmmmmmm I hope he's doing better.  My first dog was named Shadow, he was a Cocker Spaniel mix.  Looked a little like your Shadow...Ü

klconard1 said...

You are making the best choice right now with the information you have for Shadow.  He's a wonderful dog and I am glad he is doing well.
loving you

deshelestraci said...

Shadow looks like a sweetheart.  I'm glad he is doing well.

sunnyside46 said...

ooh, my heart lurched when I saw this pic. He looks so much like my dear departed Bisbee, named after the town in AZ we found her in. She was a collie shepherd mix and a chicken theif. She's been gone 20 years, but with one two many beers, I'll cry for her now.