Thursday, April 12, 2007

CarnivAOL #37

   Hello Thursday! It's time to round up your submissions for the next edition of CarnivAOL. I have not heard from the the person who agreed to host this week's carnival, so it falls to me to showcase it at the CarnivAOL blog. Please email submissions to me at before Sunday at midnight for inclusion in Tuesday's edition.

   As well, I am actively looking for guest hosts for the carnival - doubly important right now as I have precious little free time in my personal life at the moment. If you are interested, read the entry at the CarnivAOL blog called
hosting guidelines, and drop me a line to let me know what date you would like to host. Check out upcoming editions for available dates.

1 comment:

princesssaurora said...

Paul... does that mean you found a job...other than doing the sahd thing... which is totally a job... believe me... I know!!

be well,