Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Father's Day wish.

My Dad is currently vacationing in Newfoundland,
so he's not here to hoist a cold one with me, but
I'm having one in his honour right now.
Happy Father's Day, Dad.



sangriablue3151 said...

Happy Fathers Day to you, Paul!! Hope it was awesome!!!

<3 Rachel

mechants said...

Happy Father's Day to you! I'd hoist a cold beer with you, but I don't like beer. I think I'll hoist a Mt. Dew instead. Cheers!


justaname4me2 said...

I wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Fathers Day. I hope you enjoyed yours and his beer! It's a tough job to do something in honor of someone, but as a son, we all understand it was your duty.

schnozbeary said...

Happy belated Father's Day Paul! Please take no offense, but that picture reminds me of a scene in Forrest Gump where he and his son are sitting in front of the TV in the same position.. :):) Penny

simianfarmer said...

A terrifying admission here Paul...

I am completely incapable of raising either one of my eyebrows independently of the other.  You could say I have 'Eugene Levy Envy'.

I think this then proves the point you were making (one of them) in your previous post regarding evolution.  I have quite obviously not evolved to that point of physiological development.

Or I'm just talking out of my a$$.