Monday, May 14, 2007

Caption contest

   I was showing this picture around to a couple of people, and one of them suggested a caption for it. I thought, hey, what a great idea to use for a blog entry. You know, seeing as I got nothin' else. Suggest a caption in the comments thread.
   What can you win? Well...lessee...let's say I send the winner(s) an email saying, "good one, heh heh!" How would that be? OK, I'll start us off with the caption that Alec sent me:

"No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die."


easuess said...

"That's right. Laugh now and brag about showing this to all my highschool dates. Just remember--in thirty years I'll be the one changing YOUR diapers."

hewasolddog299 said...

"Why yes, they are new glasses. Why do you ask?"


simianfarmer said...

"Chef!  CHEF!!!  Where's my hassenpfeffer?!"

"Ve have vays of making you talk, fraulein."


dpoem said...

Set your own damn Wayback Machine.  Poindexter OUT!


grwighter said...

I am particularly fond of Dostoevsky's works.  And you?

acoverforty said...

Black Pipe cleaners $1
Digital Camera $150
Getting the kid to sit still .. time comsuming
Posting a embarrassing picture of your kid online... priceless.

onemoretina said...

"This was my dad's lame attempt at a Harry Potter costume."   Tina