Wednesday, May 9, 2007

CarnivAOL #39 call for submissions

   The thirty-ninth edition of CarnivAOL will be hosted by Kathi at MAIL CALL! Supporting The Troops, this coming Tuesday, May 15, 2007. Get the word out! Send Kathi your submissions to before Sunday at midnight for inclusion in next week's carnival. Read Kathi's announcement of the carnival for more information, or explore the CarnivAOL blog for an explanation of what, exactly, a blog carnival is, and what CarnivAOL is all about.

   There have been some excellent and fun guest hosts so far, and I am looking for more. If you are interested in hosting an edition of CarnivAOL send me an email to and let me know when you are available to do so. For open dates, look at the CarnivAOL upcoming editions page. For a description of just what is involved in hosting an edition of CarnivAOL, read the hosting guidelines, and visit some of the past editions.

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