Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CarnivAOL 39

   Kathi has published the 39th edition of CarnivAOL at her blog, MAIL CALL! Supporting the Troops. She had a good turn-out including several regulars, and a couple of first time participants. Good on you, Kathi! (She said she wasn't clever enough to come up with a theme, but the "carnival" graphics throughout make a liar of her.) A great big thank you to Kathi for hosting, and doing a great job. And, a great big thank you to all who sent in submissions.
   Two weeks from today,
CarnivAOL will be hosted by Sharon, at her blog, Golf, and Other Stuff... Sharon was one of the first people to volunteer to be a guest host back when I first put out the invitation in February. She's had the May 29th slot blocked out since then, and has been really looking forward to hosting. What do you think she's got for us?

   The date for the 41st edition - June 12, 2007 - is still in need of a host. Who's gonna step up and help me out with that one? The 42nd edition is scheduled to be hosted by Stephanie, at
Home in the Heartland, on June 26th, and after that the slate is wide open. If you would like to be a CarnivAOL guest host, send me an e-mail (PLittle@aol.com), and I'll slot you in.

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