Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Here's to ashless Wednesday.

   For one of the best descriptions of Lent ever, check out The Evangelical Atheist today:
Now, here’s the best reason of all to give up god for Lent. If it lasts, and you give up god permanently, you don’t have to give up anything next year. Nothing at all. In atheist circles, Lent is known as “March.” There’s no sacrifice involved, but you still get the benefit of lion and lamb side-by-side (at least according to some old wives I know). During atheist “March,” we don’t smear you with anything at all (unless you want us to, but that’s none of my business). If you want to pick up some leaves, we don’t make you listen to a lecture first. Just go to the grocery store or your local garden center. They have all the cellulose and none of the guilt.
   This is one amusing writer. For more interesting reading of a highly provocative nature, I recommend the God is a Dick series.


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