Sunday, March 5, 2006

The sub-title game updated.

   Have you ever played 'the sub-title game?' You play by watching a bad foreign language film and inventing your own sub-titles. Now it seems someone has created an online version of the game for anyone to play.
   Many thanks to
The Mad Secretary for this bit of whimsy. Click on the picture at left for my version of the subtitled dialogue to this movie. Then, if you like, you can subtitle your own clip. If you do, make sure to drop a link here so I can see what you've done.

   That was so much fun I had to do another one. Click the picture at right to see it.
   True to the genre, the e-mail they send out to invite any friends you specify to view the movie has a subject line that reads: "Come and see the movie clip of from PLittle." I have no idea if that is intentionally, or accidentally funny.



easuess said...

LOL I've been spitting Kool-Aid at these things all day long. Yours are hilarious too.

stephaine35 said...

These were great.  I did it twice too.  Actually I did it three times but the first one wasn't very politically correct.  Anyway, here's the link for the second and thanks for stopping by.

cinisoul said...

"When They Get Desperately Hungry"  LOL

That was a long awkward silence.  Maybe she is Electra???  LoL  those were both funny