Wednesday, March 1, 2006

HPV follow up.

   A reader sent me an e-mail yesterday, concerned about what I had said about HPV:
I am really worried about the virus that your wife described. Kindly tell me if you think my children need the vaccine. How old are children when they first take it?
   Remember, the few versions of HPV that are related to cancer are sexually transmitted diseases. I don't know how old your girls are, but if they are too young to be having sexual relations, you need not worry immediately.

   The links in my journal post will provide some information. After that, try google, or for some more concrete information, and an informed opinion, ask your doctor. Don't be too unduly alarmed. HPV is not a new thing that has suddenly appeared. In fact, in some of its forms, HPV is the virus responsible for common warts. And, the nationwide incidence of cervical cancer is not increasing. Rather, it is declining due to the excellent influence of modern medicine.

   To the best of my knowledge, the vaccine is not yet available, although it is not too far away. For information on that you might try contacting Merck or GlaxoSmithKline, the two companies who make the vaccines. As well, your local Congressman or Member of Parliament might be a good person to whom to make your views on this issue known.


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lurkynat said...

Dear Paul,
After your entry and your friend poem's comment I called my child's physician.
The receptionist told me that the vacination is jsut nwo available and that our doctor is deciding whether or not she will be featuring it