Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blame it on me

   I have continued to attempt to engage Lynn at Astrological Musings in a discussion about her beliefs. I've been polite, too. Honest! She seems to have taken offense to the fact that I blogged about the reading she sent me, rather than restricting our correspondence to private e-mail. I'm not sure I understand her complaint, as I was responding to a post on her blog. So, what, she can blog about skeptics, but we can't blog about her? What's up with that?
   The discussion appears to be over, though, because she has stopped responding to the comments I have left her. I guess the questions I am asking her are too hard. As far as I can tell, what she is currently doing is this:



iiimagicxx said...

Are you attacking her?

plittle said...

  Attacking her? I thought I made it clear in the body of my entry here, Valerie. I am attempting to engage her in discussion. She calls me closed minded, so *she* refuses to talk to me. Not sure how that makes *me* closed minded...

dpoem said...

I find that's usually what happens Paul.  Rather than simply admit that their belief is the result of faith which contradicts reality, they usually just ignore the critics and carry on as though nothing happened.  

Unless, of course, she's Sylvia Browne, and the criticism becomes so sharp and rational and LOUD that there's no escape, and she's thus reduced to petty litigation rather than admit she's a fraud.  

In this case, I think Lynn would go far to simply say that she has faith in what she does in spite of logic and reason, and that what she's doing is simple entertainment.  And, if people are dumb enough to fork over money for such irrational, Victorian-esque parlor gibberish, she's greedy enough to take it.  It's really not terribly different from paying to go see a movie.  Like the playwrights and the screen writers, she's asking you to suspend your disbelief.  The fact that she is plugging it as something valid and legitimate is where the trouble comes in, and so long as she continues to do so, the more rational people will see it as a scam.  I mean, people pay to see professional wrestling knowing full-well that it's fake.  Why should astrology, psychic readings, and even religion be any different?

Hopefully, I just made some sort of sense.  If not, well...  you have my permission to pick it apart and scold me.  


princesssaurora said...

LOL..  but yeah, Paul, you are close minded!  tee hee...

Love the kitty pic...

be well,

tenyearnap said...

I can't respond to you right now because my Moon is in Aries. Wait, no...my Moon is on the Toilet. Either way...Cin

dpoem said...

My moon's in the backyard playing with matches.  Bad moon!  Bad, bad moon!


rebuketheworld said...

PHOTO CRACKED ME UP! Can I snag it? ....Yah, she is doing the lala thing. I hate that too. I can remember getting in arguments with some select family members when I was younger, and that covering up ones ears, and saying loudly LALALALA...could make me kill someone,lol...Luckily, I just sing lalaala back and let them live. ~Raven

toonguykc said...

See?  That's what you get for being polite!!  Try being a raging a-hole and writing all your entries in 18 pt. bold red type.  heh ;)


dornbrau said...

Grrrrr.. I was right in the middle of my comment and POOF! It went bye-bye.
Now, where was I?
Oh never mind.  I hate AOL.  Double grrrrrrrr!