Monday, February 5, 2007

The SuperBowl isn't really about football anymore

   Some thoughts on last night's SuperBowl...commercials.

First quarter winner: Bud Light - Wedding
First quarter loser: Bud Light - Face-off
Dude, that's not a new commercial!: tie. Blockbuster - Mouse, and Shick - Quattro
Just trying too hard: Sierra mist (beard comb-over? Come on!)

Second quarter winner: Budweiser - Dalmatian (OMG so cutsie!)
Second quarter loser: Bud Light - Slap
Aw, that's just wrong!: Chevrolet - Car wash
Aw, that's just stupid: Garmin - Map monster

Third quarter winner: tough call, this was the best crop of the evening. I'm going to go with Sprint - Broadband, just for the "connectile dysfunction" joke.
Third quarter loser: The Chicago Bears (I know, the momentum shifted in the second quarter when the Colts scored their first touchdown, but the Bears had the opportunity to come out strong at the start of the second half and couldn't).
Worst attempt at heart-tugging sappiness: Frito Lay - Fans (sorry, you just can't make me believe that there's anything actually important about the SuperBowl)
Only commercial all night to make me laugh out loud: Emerald Nuts: Office (Robert Goulet, hah!)

Fourth quarter winner: Nationwide - K-Fed (it's funny because it's true).
Fourth quarter loser: tie. Fed-Ex - Ground, and Budweiser - Crabs.
WTF? moment of the night: IZOD - Vacation.
Best off-camera joke: E-Trade - One finger.

Overall winner: Budweiser/Bud Light -we're gonna remember the bad ones and the good ones.
Overall loser: All television viewers everywhere. They started the SuperBowl pregame analysis at freaking noon yesterday. I'm sorry, but I cannot imagine anyone, anywhere being interested in watching dozens of talking heads say the same thing over and over again for six freaking hours before the game even starts.

   Yes, I know that's an argument from ignorance, or personal incredulity. You've caught me engaging in fallacious reasoning. Still, six hours?


simianfarmer said...

My wife and I caught about 15 seconds of the game last night.  We were out to dinner without the kids and accidentally glanced through a couple glass doors to the lounge of the restaurant wherein we ate.  I think it was near the end of the first half and the Colts were up.  I didn't care much because my Shanghai Noodles had just arrived.  Man! were they spicy!  YUM!


dpoem said...

You didn't like the guy getting brained with a rock during the "rock, paper, scissors" showdown?!?  I loved that one.  

Oh, and the Chevy car-wash commercial was put together by an 18-year old local Milwaukee college student.  I thought it was neat, but who the hell in their right mind would try to sell a car during the Super Bowl by having a bunch of half-naked men dancing around?  Talk about missing the demographic, eh?  

All-in-all, I pretty much agree with you.  I thought the Dalmatian one was pretty dumb, and the Coke happy-touchy-feely commercials were weak, but that Robert Goulet Emerald Nuts spot just about killed me.  


plittle said...

  No, I thought the guy getting brained by the rock in the rock, paper, scissors showdown was about as cliche as it gets.

missheathyrmaree said...

In my superbowl defense, I did not start watching at noon.
I started at 6:20.  And left the party I was at around 10:15.  :]
I agree--Bud Light had the best commercials--they were good.  The Doritos one in the first half was pretty funny too.

The rest were stupid in my opinion.
And the half time show was terrible.

Have a good week hon!

dpoem said...

Cliche or not, it was funny.  But, now that you mention it, how cool would it have been if one of the dudes spent time dumping lemon juice in the tub during the course of the party, and when they're playing rock paper scissors for the last beer, the one guy throws out paper, but tosses the beer in the when he wins air because he got a papercut, and the other guy grabs it and thus proves to us all that planning ahead is a good thing?  

Anyway, yeah.  That Prince halftime show sucked.  He used to be a pretty decent guitar player, but last night he just flat-out sounded terrible.  But, in his defense, it ain't easy playing in the rain.  


princesssaurora said...

I loved it!  All afternoon... every minute!  All the interviews... etc.  I missed the Budweiser Dalmation one!  Ugh!!!  It sounded so cute!

Hey you are a Canuck and not a football fan...  I don't expect you to get it!  lol

be well,

princesssaurora said...

Uh Dan... there are a HELL of a lot of women watching the Superbowl whether they are die hard football fans like me or there because of their men, or their for the commercials!  I liked the car wash!  I LOVED the rock paper scissor... laughed my ass off on that one too!

The Blockbuster mouse thing made me almost pee myself... he he he...

be well,

simianfarmer said...

And hey, instead of doing something silly like WATCH the Superbowl, you could have just waited for the day after and gone here:


plittle said...

  But, Simon, that's what I did. You didn't actually think I *watched* that silly exhibition, did you? Well, OK, my Dad and I caught the last five or ten minutes of the first half after dinner, and then pointed and laughed at Prince for a half an hour, but that's the extent of it. I Googled "Super Bowl commercials" first thing this morning.

Because, let's be honest, on Canadian cable/satellite TV, nobody saw those commercials live anyway.

bombippy said...

I can't believe that some of these companies bothered making ads when they were so awful. The agency for Sierra Mist should be fired. The comb-over ad was so bad it was embarrassing. My favourite was the Bud Light 'Class Mencia' ad.

I watched the coverage from about 2 PM on. At one point, commentator James Brown claimed, "1 hour to kickoff" when it was actually 2 hours. The rest of the commentators started ribbing him about 'jumping the gun'. I'm sure it was a Freudian slip and that poor JB was bored out of his tree.

onemoretina said...

This year the SuperBowl party was at my house, which means that I missed most of the good stuff while running back and forth to the kitchen during the commercials.  I didn't miss halftime though... and Prince didnt disappoint.  Tina