Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lynne Hayes, astrologer, strikes again

ScreenCapTN   At some time between 4:00PM and 9:00PM this evening, Lynn Hayes, mendacious blogger, and self described astrologer deleted a comment of mine from her blog for the third time. I knew she would. The only reason I took the time to post it again was so I could get a screen shot proving it was ever there. Click on the thumbnail to the left to see a full sized version of it.
   In addition to the question I asked in the comment, the answer to which seems evident now, I want to know this. What are you afraid of, Lynn? What is it about me that makes you feel so threatened, you need to protect youself by censoring my comments? Is it that I am the first visitor to your blog to have ever called you out for your intellectual dishonesty?
   How do you sleep at night, Lynn?


rebuketheworld said...

I wonder if the website Take me back, shows comments and you could retrieve them that way too. Good that you did this. ~Raven

tenyearnap said...

Money talks, man. I'll bet the pope eats really good steaks, too. Forget it, pal. It's like trying to talk about science with an "evangelical xian" who believes that the Adam & Eve myth is fact. "LA LA LA...I CAN'T HEAR YOU."--Cin

princesssaurora said...

Smart taking the screen shot.... I knew you would do something like that!  Good for you Paul!

be well,

ps... put up ur weekend assignment... why hold on to it???

iiimagicxx said...

Where should she have felt challenged in this challenge? What was said that could have challenged her? is she still doing it? if yes, then she was not challenged, perhaps she just felt insulted. I can't understand why she would erase someone's comments; personally I would only do it with annoying people, not because they are challenging but because they would not know how to challenge properly and the sceptic challenge would change to a personal matter. Could it be that this challenge was more one for the sceptics than for herself?

justaname4me2 said...

The woman charges about 100 dollars an hour~ Keep at her Paul. Don't you have a pack of skeptics you can sic on her? Maybe if she realizes it's not just one person questioning her antics, but a group of people she'll edit her claims.
Doubtful of course, but worth a try.

dpoem said...

Get the lumber!  I say we burn the witch.  

What?  Too harsh?  


princesssaurora said...

Yeah, Dan.  Too harsh... lol

be well,

ps.... I agree with Rebecca - round up your posse o'skepticos!